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Mr. Oily








Mr. Oily - our dog

  • Adopted in February of 2010
  • So named by five-year-old Duncan "since he was really black"
  • 75% Labrador, 25% Shar-Pei, 100% lovable
    • but it seems he got most of the Lab genes
  • Almost all black, with a big white splotch on his belly
  • Brave Defender of the Moeur Landholdings
  • But also a big happy goofy dog and friend of Duncan
  • Not really a good retriever, though

Toobie - our other dog

  • Adopted in February of 2010 along with Mr. Oily - she really wanted to stay with her brother, and we couldn't resist
  • We didn't have a name picked out for her, so we just figured the name was "to be determined"... which naturally became "Toobie"
  • Also 75% Labrador, 25% Shar-Pei, 100% lovable
    • (you can see the Shar-Pei in her face - unfortunately, the eye folds bother her sometimes)
  • She has a beautiful brindle-patterned coat
  • Mostly shy, but can bark up a storm when she feels like it

Nova - our cat #1

  • One of three feral kittens we found in our back yard in the summer of 2009
  • She was originally all-white as a kitten, but grew into her interestingly-patterned black and white coat
  • Slightly cross-eyed
  • Very shy - won't come out around other people
  • Will demand affection - but only on her terms

Moonpie - our cat #2

  • Given to us by a neighbor in February 2013 (her grandson was allergic)
  • A pretty Flame-Point Siamese
  • Enjoys her food - would eat all day, if it didn't get in the way of her sleeping schedule
  • Very friendly - plays with the dogs and bunny
  • Loves to march down the hallway in the middle of the night meowing at full volume while carrying a stuffed animal in her mouth

Twinkie - our cat #3

Lola - our bunny

  • Bought her for $5 at a neighborhood yard sale
  • She's a Dutch rabbit (but we don't think she speaks Nederlands)
  • Likes to hippity-hop around their "bunnyland" or hang out in their two-story hutch
  • Doesn't really like to be picked up, though
  • Loves leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, and carrots
    • but really goes bananas over bananas

Sunshine - our other bunny

  • We were given her by a friend of a friend who couldn't keep her
  • Very lively - likes to jump and hop around their "bunnyland" or cavort in their back yard enclosure
  • Will allow you to pick her up, but might not always be enthusiastic about it
  • Motivated more by fun than food

Blooma - our parakeet

  • Our colorful kitchen birdie
  • She loves to tweet loudly and brightly all day
  • She also likes to hang out in her swing, perch, and mirror
  • Knows a few choice words

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