The Purple Cruiser Commutocruiser

This is what the cruiser looked like for the first 15 years of its life:
Cruiser (before)

And then something happened - an arm on our rear truck rack failed in the middle of the South Dakota badlands, and my favorite bike was dragged behind the truck at 65 mph. For some distance. :(


We could rebuild it.

We had the retro-technology. We had more than enough parts scavenged from swap meets - and a few rolls of electrical tape. We could make it better, stronger, faster... OK, maybe not faster. ;)

Ta daa.

Rebuilt - & looking a bit different

Yes, it does look a bit different these days - but still comfortingly familiar.

1994 Ross 'Mt. Cruiser' Cruiser

Updated 26 February 2018 (drivetrain update)
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